The production planning, the detailed information about the norms of expenses of all materials, the nomenclature of the articles, the planned tasks, the monthly plans, and the monthly reports, the orders of the clients, the orders of materials and the deliveries are controlled and regulated by our IRP system.

Tony’K undertakes underwear manufacture contracts. In such cases, the time from receiving the order to shipping the finished goods is 4 months. It includes ordering the main and auxiliary materials from our suppliers, delivery time of these materials, the manufacture and packaging of the finished goods and their shipping. We assemble the articles: fabrics, elastics, threads, necessary accessories and package components in accordance with the customer's request and the technical documentation provided. Production is launched only after all necessary materials have been supplied.

The order of required materials is done on the basis of cost norms. We make sure that the delivery time of the order meets the set deadline. The Logistics department, along with the Supply Department, perform both the import of these materials and the export of the finished goods to each customer-agreed delivery point. Along with this, the two departments track the upcoming deliveries of the requested materials on a daily basis so that no interruptions occur in the production process.

In case of producing orders with materials delivered by the customer, the time from receiving materials to the shipment of the finished goods is 4 weeks.

On the basis of the received orders, the production capacity account is also made. The loading of the production lines is balanced according to the assigned models and quantities of garments. Schedules for weekly production and shipments are made for each customer, according to the agreed deadlines.

The shipment frequency is by arrangement: